Green Fennel Juice


I discovered the great benefits of including fennel in juices, one of the reasons and the most obvious is because it tastes great the other reasons are all the health benefits including  its magic powers as digestive aid. One of the things that lead me to experiment with different types of juice recipes was the fact that I was having some digestive troubles and also I wanted to detox my body, after reading about juice fasting and the amazing results on health, me and my husband decided to buy a juicer, we choose the Omega juicer which has been working good so far. A few weeks after getting it I started my attempt to do a 10 day juice fast, I thought it was going to be easy drinking yummy juices all day but then  the detox symptoms appeared the first three days, I was hungry, my tongue was dry and felt like was wrapped with something, I smelled so bad, so I had to do a quick fix to survive the 10 days, so finally after months not listening to my husband I decided to give it a try to yoga and meditation, kundalini yoga and meditation were the two things that fit me so well and helped me to keep going until the last day.

To be honest the hardest part was the social side of eating, sitting with my husband and enjoy a nice meal, also cooking for him and smell all those spices… anyway the good side of my 10 day juice fast was that I realized the connection one can have with its own body and  listen the gentle whispers and goodness that I could no longer ignore, I knew about my lactose intolerance but I refused to quit cheese, but after the fast I understood that the body can take a lot of punishment but unnecessarily, and so far it’s worth the  “sacrifice”, I feel great, sleep better, no headaches, no bloated belly, no constipation. Some people say changes are always for good…and it’s true!


  •  1 lime peeled and quartered
  • 5-6 small  apples (or equivalent) washed and quartered
  • 1 big cucumber washed
  • 5 sticks celery (including the leaves) washed
  • 1 f fennel bulb roughly chopped
  • 1 piece of fresh ginger about 1 inch long, peeled


Begin with lime  and work your way down the ingredients list. Enjoy!!


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