Bio: I'm a Mexican girl living in a little village up north in the beautiful province of Quebec. Having some free time and love for cooking I started a quest looking for tasty and healthy dishes, from pescetarian, vegetarian, and vegan to gluten and dairy free. Today I'm bringing together all the recipes I found digging not only at the grocery store but also on some food blogs, documentaries and health articles. Hope you enjoy the journey while nourishing your body.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Girl in Quebec! I am an older woman from California. I was a tourist in Quebec just one month ago. You are living in a beautiful city, which must be pretty cold now. I don’t cook gluten or dairy free, but I am sure you will find recipes that you may be able to put your twist to and make it gluten and dairy free. Welcome to WP family! Thank you for the ‘follow’. 😀 Fae.

    • Hey Fae! You must be having a great time in hot & sunny California! and yes I was checking some of your recipes look pretty good, love the presentation and little details, also it’s nice to see all international menu, I was checking the cabbage salad, I will give it a try next time i get a fresh cabbage at the grocery! Thanks for your warm welcome!
      Ps. your son was right, we are citizens of the world! sounds full of hope and free spirit!
      big hugs from the frosty little village of Notre Dame de la Merci!

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